Artist Development

Welcome to North Street Music Academy – the home of artist and business development services for musicians and the music industry working across Australia and in the UK.

For more than 15 years we have been consultants, advisors, mentors, and more to musicians and arts businesses across all genres. From classical soloists to rock bands and opera companies, we are passionate about seeing music companies and musicians reach their full potential, and we’re committed to doing what it takes to support you on the journey.

NSM Academy offers:

  1. One-on-one artist development sessions for musicians and creatives, or small arts business owners looking to get some advice to accelerate their business, or work through challenges.
  2. Mentorship programs, also for musicians and creatives or small arts business owners, which are six sessions over a period aimed at setting goals, driving your progress, holding you accountable in order to ensure you achieve your aims.
  3. Business Skills Courses lasting one day, covering a range of topics to ensure all creatives, from musicians to administrators, understand the full picture, to maximise success. From accounting to law, branding to copyright, the courses cover a number of topics that will ensure you go away fully understanding your own industry and how to stand out and succeed.
  4. Synthesiser and Programming Courses from a couple of hours to a full day. These courses are for performers and producers looking to gain the most in depth understanding of performing, programming and recording Synthesised music, run in association with Signals Sound Laboratory.

If you wish to find out more about our Synthesiser and Programming Courses, please email [email protected] and request further information, including a little about yourself.

If you’re looking for world-class recording, engineering, programming and studio experience, then you might want to set up a meeting with North Street Music’s Technical Director, Gaëtan Schurrer.

Gaëtan’s resumé is impressive having worked on several albums with DJs Sasha and John Digweed, taken M-People’s music into the UK top 10 earning the group the 1994 Mercury Prize for Elegant Slumming (and a double platinum disc in the process); working on Jeff Wayne’s iconic The War of the Worlds album, turning it into a 5.1 surround sound masterpiece, as well as production work on the new generation album released in late 2012; and working with many more artists such as Faithless and Kylie Minogue on hundreds of commercially successful records.

Gaëtan is regularly in demand oversees and in 2012 he was beckoned to the UK to work with Neil Davidge (Massive Attack) on the Halo 4 videogame soundtrack in Bristol and record the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road, London.  Since returning to Australia, Gaëtan has been working with the Perth Symphony Orchestra, on the North Street Music recording project Eden, consulting for high tech pro audio gear at Soundtown – Perth’s premier pro audio shop, as well as mixing live for numerous bands and venues. He also records, mixes, remixes and produces in his own Yellowstone studio, having notably produced two albums for local hero songstress Ezereve.

His wealth of knowledge will be highly valuable for anybody looking for world-class advice, recording, mixing or production services.


“North Street Music’s ‘Business Skills for Musicians Workshop’ was interesting, informative and inspiring. I left the workshop with a sense of purpose and direction, knowing the exact steps to take my music business to the next level. After attending Bourby’s workshop I decided to apply for a grant to get my BRAND set up (logo, website, business cards, newsletter), before I headed on my North West Regional Tour in August; and I have just been informed that the grant application was a success! Thankyou Bourby Webster for sharing your invaluable knowledge and for your unwavering passion” – Savanah Solomon

“I came away with courage in my heart and the knowledge that with perseverance and focus I will be able to achieve my goals and dreams. Bourby gave practical advice and bite sized information that could be applied immediately. I felt inspired and keen to apply all that I learnt. It was wonderful to be surrounded by other like-minded souls and hearing their goals and dreams as well. I feel blessed to have come to the workshop when I did, it was perfect timing for me.” – Zalia Joy

“The NSM Business Skills for Musicians Course equipped me with skills and knowledge that I *wish* I had learnt in my music degree. So much of what was covered is invaluable to a Musician or arts worker trying to navigate the business side of our industry.” -H. Tungate