Passenger’s final time in WA for 2011

Passenger, the remarkable young singer songwriter aka Mike Rosenberg, is back for two last solo shows in Perth for 2011 this coming weekend.. ┬áThe artist, supported by North Street Music since his WA debut continues to grow in popularity…Select Music, ie:music and Monster presents the tour which sees Passenger perform across Australia with his band (except sadly, without the band in WA) throughout April and early May.

In Perth for two shows only, Passenger will perform on Friday 29th April at Scarborough’s Indi Bar, and on Saturday 30th April at The Norfolk Basement.

He will be performing songs from the critically acclaimed album ‘Flight Of The Crow’ which features collaborations with Josh Pyke, Boy and Bear, Lior, Katie Noonan, Kate Miller Heidke and many others.

He is supported by Jackson Maclaren.

Don’t miss your chance to see Passenger live for the last time in 2011.