Image Consultants – How do they help?

An Image Consultant can do a number of things for a musician – many of them very important. Not least they can bring your brand to life and make you memorable: a key attribute in the music industry…

Imagine if Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Madonna and Lady Gaga all performed in a T-shirt and Jeans!?!?  Would they be as successful?  Absolutely NOT.  We want performers to be inspirational.  We don’t want them to look like us, as it is human nature to have someone we aspire to be like.  We want them to be different, to show us a new way of dressing and being and presenting ourselves.

Essentially, the job of an image consultant is to work with an artist to develop an existing brand into a live environment to make it as powerful, unique and memorable as possible.

From choosing a ‘look’, selecting clothing – maybe even proposing working with a specific designer or brand – and advising on hair, make-up and a location from a shoot; an image consultant is responsible for the entire ‘look’ of an artist both in images and in a live environment.

This can extend from the cover of an album to images on a website to what you look like ‘off duty’.

Ensuring an image consultant totally understands your brand is critical.  After all, it would be a disaster if an aggressive female rock singer turned up on stage in a pink and green floral number with wispy cute hair!

Three steps to finding the right consultant:

1)   Whose image do you like?  – Find out who their consultant was and use them!

2)   Ensure they totally understand your ‘brand’ and know how to bring that brand to life in colour, shape, texture, and more across clothing, hair and make-up

3)   Get them to create a story-board of how they see your brand come to life visually.  If it resonates (and you’ll need to be brave and exercise trust) then you’re probably on to something.

Remember, don’t venture too far from your comfort zone, despite needing to do something ‘more’ than your everyday man, as you’ll never be able to sustain the ‘look’ in the long term.  Consistency is key so your fans can easily recognise you if they see you on stage or TV even if your name hasn’t been mentioned.