7 OCTOBER 2017

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Kurt Cobain: spokesman for a generation. Nirvana: flagship band of Generation X. No one flinches when you say it.

In the year Kurt would have turned 50, Perth Symphony Orchestra presents a concert event unlike anything seen before in WA. Or anywhere, for that matter.

This isn’t Nirvana with strings. Prepare to witness a fully-fledged orchestra in bloom, transformed for one night into a raging rock beast.

Already regarded as “the orchestra that breaks rules” for their radical reinterpretations of everything from Beethoven to WA’s greatest ever songs at RTRFM and the WA Museum’s flagship event A Moment in Time, Unplugged: Nirvana Reimagined will take orchestral sounds to some heavy, heavy places.



Using Nirvana’s legendary MTV Unplugged in New York as inspiration, which took place just five-months before Kurt’s untimely death in 1994, PSO will take songs from the concert and from throughout Nirvana’s discography and blow them up.

Imagine About a Girl and Where Did You Sleep Last Night backed by a wall of sound big enough to match the angst in the songs. Picture Smells Like Teen Spirit and Lithium pushing the year punk, alternative and grunge broke through, 1991, into the stratosphere.

Unplugged: Nirvana Reimagined will not only take you back there, it will remind you of music, culture and a generation changing forever.

Joining PSO is award-winning songwriter and the veteran of sold out Nirvana reinterpretations from Melbourne to Perth, Justin Burford. Fresh from a return tour with End of Fashion, one of the greatest voices WA has ever produced will lead the concert alongside conductor Jessica Gethin, and no one nails Kurt quite like him.

Burford and PSO have bandied together to reveal their most ambitious show ever. This is a dream event for the artists and Nirvana fans alike.

Unplugged: Nirvana Reimagined will take place on Saturday October 7th at His Majesty’s Theatre.

A Moment in Time at Western Australian Museum

To celebrate the Western Australian Museum – Perth and honour its place at the heart of our community ahead of its four-year closure for major redevelopment, Western Australian Museum, RTRFM and the Perth Symphony Orchestra teamed up for a once-in-a-lifetime performance of some of our State’s most iconic songs.

A Moment in Time featured some of WA’s best music being played throughout the Museum.

In the historic Hackett Hall Gallery, five West Australian singers – David Craft, Rachael Dease, Odette Mercy, Timothy Nelson and Mei Saraswati – along with our 20-piece orchestra and an all-star band including Malcolm Clark (Sleepy Jackson, Weapon is Sound) and Jozef Grech (Project Mayhem, Flooded Palace) paid tribute to a hand-picked selection of classic West Australian songs from the likes of Abbe May, The Drones, Felicity Groom, The Stems, Tame Impala and more.

It was an incredible night and Perth Symphony were so delighted to be a part of it.

Photo by Rachael Barrett www.facebook.com/rachaelbarrettphotography

Please check out this amazing review in The West Australian Paper: https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/entertainment/a/31774885/museum-musos-capture-the-moment/ 

Join the 2016 Song Lounge and Chamber Jam programs!

Song Lounge and Chamber Jam are now in their 7th year – and in this time, North Street Music is proud to have showcased over 300 musicians.

Each year we call out for singers, songwriters and chamber musicians to fill our program with Perth’s top artists and musicians in a musically diverse and unique program – and each year we are over subscribed!

Register your interest to join the Song Lounge or Chamber Jam 2016 program by filling in this online form.

Taking 10 with Marcus Whelan

Meet Marcus – Head of Operations for the West Australian Ballet and an adventurer at heart.  He has been the Host-with-the-most this year at Chamber Jam.  His passion and insight into the industry make for a wonderful night.

Take 10 minutes to get to know the man behind the microphone…


Name?Marcus Whelan
Marcus Joshua Whelan

Where did you grow up?
I grew up In Perth and Melbourne. My fondest memories growing up were going down to Cottesloe beach for a swim.

What you do for a living?
I am Head of Operations for the West Australian Ballet. What is your favourite part about your role? Meeting so many interesting people from all different walks of life. Working in such a creative space.

Do you play a musical instrument?
I play the classical guitar and I am huge fan of John Williams

How & why did you becoming involved in Chamber Jam?
I met Bourby through a mutual friend and when I found out about Chamber Jam I just wanted to get involved.  I loved the concept of musicians at all levels getting together to play in an intimate environment. When music is up close and personal it’s fully absorbed like moisturiser for the mind.

What do you like the most about Chamber Jam?
I love the energy, intimacy and atmosphere when music, audience, food and wine are shared holistically in such a warm and friendly space. It’s hard to say I just like one thing the most. It would have to be when I feel the Audience and Performers are connecting during performance.

How important are nights such as Chamber Jam to the cultural scene in Perth?
It brings people together to share the sound of music live. At Chamber Jam, you can feel and see the music and this is part of the cultural fabric of human nature. It’s important to celebrate the power of music as it defines our culture on so many levels.

What are you listening to right now?
Tony Bennett Duets CD

What is your signature dish?
Freshly shucked Oysters with a lime soy salsa

Is the glass half full or half empty?  And with beer, wine or a spirit?
The glass is half full of spirits with plenty of room for beer.

Song Lounge off to a brilliant start

It was a full house at the Ellington for the 2015 Song Lounge Launch and what a brilliant start to the New Year. Four unique and varied acts catered for the capacity crowd on Monday night.

P2100005 (1)Little Lord Street Band set the feel for the night with an acoustic country/western act that highlighted the uniqueness of female vocalist Natasha Shanks’ beautiful voice.

Little Bird followed, as a nice contrast to Little Lord Street Band. Their secret weapon; the Boss Loop Station, filled the Ellington with rich melodies and sounds that you would not expect from a duo.

Helen Shanahan was next on the bill and was her usual, amazing self – engaging the crowd and when they weren’t lost in her melody and clever lyrics, they were enjoying the banter between herself, her fiance and backup vocalist – Matt, and sound engineer – Gaetan.  Following a regional mini-tour with WAM, Helen’s songs and stage presence are better than ever!


Finally, the band everyone came to see – Canadian trio ‘The Once’ fresh from their world-wide tour supporting Passenger.

The Once brought down the house with their unique and refreshing take on the ‘folk’ genre,  winding melodies and intricate harmonies .  It seemed half the room was from their home town – Newfoundland, which filled the room with warm and patriotic vibes.



February also marked the final Song Lounge for host and artist programmer – Natasha Shanks.

Tash is ending her time with North Street Music to concentrate more on her own music, and with her band – Little Lord Street Band.  We can’t wait to hear the new songs and stories that will come from the next chapter of your musical journey!


Chamber Jam

Chamber Jam

Raw SilkChamber Jam is a concert series like no other in Perth and even beyond.  It is a classical music showcase with a twist, taking outstanding ensembles who love chamber music, and putting them on at The Ellington Jazz Club in Perth where people can enjoy a glass of wine, cheese platter and banter with the musicians during the show.

Three ensembles, many established, many formed just for Chamber Jam, perform a selection of repertoire that is diverse and eclectic. Each set lasts only 30 minutes ensuring you’ve experienced something new, but are left wanting more.

From Mozart to Metallica, musicians come together to perform music they love, regardless of the genre. Whilst most ensembles are formed from classical musicians coming together in traditional line-ups such as the string quartet or brass quintet, often there are ensembles that don’t quite fit the mould and you might just find an electric guitar with a vibraphone and a cello.

It is about as far removed from a traditional classical recital as you can get.  Held on the last Monday of the month from February to November, the doors open at 6.30pm and the first act can be heard at 7.30pm.

If you would like know the next show, please check the North Street Music what’s on page.

If you are a musician and would like to perform, or you know someone or a group who would be perfect as one of the ensembles, please email Bourby.

Song Lounge

Song Lounge

SL Mike SwannSong Lounge is a singer songwriter evening that showcases the cream of Western Australia’s singer songwriters at The Ellington Jazz Club in Perth to an audience that really listens.

Four singers perform at Song Lounge, usually for only 30 minutes each. The opening artist is often someone who is relatively new, but demonstrates significant potential, and they perform for 20 minutes to open the show and benefit from playing alongside more established and experienced artists.

It is an evening of story-telling, wonderful tunes, and memorable moments. All the singers to perform songs they can never play live in louder venues making it a very special night that is enjoyed as much by the artists as it is by the audience.

Held on the second last Monday of every month at The Ellington, the doors open at 6.30pm and the first act can be heard at 7.30pm.

For the next show, please check the North Street Music what’s on guide.

Or if you are interested in performing, or can recommend someone we should check out, please email Bourby.


North Street Music is committed to taking incredible live music experiences to new audiences.  From classical to rock, North Street Music is passionate about matching music and musicians to audiences from intimate one-man shows to large open-air concerts and events, ensuring everyone goes home having had an experience they cannot get from their iPod! Continue reading “CONCERT PROMOTION”